What We Do For You

Telecom Expertise

We put our experience to work on your bills and find ways to save. Our core expertise is focused on, but not limited to: Local Phone, Wireless/Cellular, Long-Distance, Fax, Conferencing, Data Circuits (Internet, T-1 and more), and Merchant Processing.

Sharing the Savings

 We share in the savings 50/50 over the specified time period – and then you receive all of the savings. Results are tracked on a quarterly basis over the life of the agreement … your share is PURE PROFIT.

Cost Reduction report

We do all of the work, yet you always remain in control when deciding whether to accept or decline our recommendations. If you accept our recommendations, we manage the implementation at no cost to you.

Monitoring Your bills

We are vigilant in our review of your invoices to help you control your ongoing costs and to measure the savings we generate for you.

We get paid when you save

We provide analysis on a contingency basis: our fees are self-funded out of the savings generated from reduced telecom expenses.

no risk

You take no risk. We will either save you money and self-fund our fees, or provide you with free validation that you are receiving the best overall value for your existing services.