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Transactions such as this are a rarity in the business world and therefore we are pleased to recommend Dan the Phone Man without hesitation or reservation.
— Paul D. Wachholz, CEO, Fun Beverage, Inc.

Central Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing

Kalispell, Montana

"We engaged Dan “the Phone Man” Dammerman and his team to review our Verizon wireless devices and plans. As a result of this engagement we have reduced our expense significantly. Furthermore, we no longer have to manage this account as Dan’s team of analysts coordinate all moves, adds, and changes for us, allowing us to focus on our core business.

As part of our engagement, Dan’s team analyzed our existing accounts, and identified areas where we were not optimized. They were able to show us how to reconfigure our existing devices to take advantage of plans and discounts that we were not aware of.

Since the initial optimization, the team has been able to continue identifying additional cost reduction opportunities. They also monitor our accounts closely each month to ensure that we do not go over our allotments of minutes, data, text messages, etc.

We recommend that any organization interested in reducing expense engage Dan’s team. They are true to their word. There were no upfront costs, and since they split the cost reduction with us, there is no risk on our part. We know that Dan’s team’s financial interests are perfectly aligned with ours. Dan’s team does the work and then brings us recommendations which we can elect to accept or not. Those recommendations that we accept are then executed by Dan’s team.    We trust his team and treat them as a partner who helps us to not only succeed, but to exceed our financial objectives."

-Matt Waldenberg 

Vice President of Operations, Central Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical

Fun Beverage, Inc.

 Kalispell, Montana


"As part of our operating strategy at Fun Beverage, we utilize a hefty assortment of wireless devices that are purchased from Verizon Wireless. naturally, there are costs associated with running these devices and we have noticed that, in recent years, the various fees associated with data usage, text messaging, insurance, and talk time minutes have continued to rise.

We recently hired Dan the Phone Man to review our Verizon account and make recommendations for improving our cost profile. Dan and his team have been able to significantly reduce our costs, as they understand every discount that Verizon offers, many of which are unpublished. In addition, they have helped tailor our plans to meet our usage profile which, in itself, has reduced our expense considerably. We have not had to change any of our devices nor has there been any different in our coverage--we have simply spent less money.

Dan and his team actively manage our account on a monthly basis and recently were able to head off a potential data overage, thereby reducing our impending cost by 75%. They continue to locate incremental discounts or our company, some of which are quite significant. In addition, Dan audited the internal telecom expenditures at our headquarters and was able to reduce our long distance charges along with certain internet and data costs.

I am pleased to recommend Dan the Phone Man to other organizations that would like to have a team of professionals look out for their best interest regarding telecommunications and associated costs. Since Dan's team work solely on contingency and are only paid with savings, their net impact on our budget was very positive. What's more, there have been no tradeoffs associated with this positive cash flow. We simply get to keep more of our money because of the effort from Dan and his team working our account. We have a trusted partner who is motivated to look out for our bottom line.

Transactions such as this are a rarity in the business world and therefore we at Fun Beverage, Inc., are pleased to recommend Dan the Phone Man without hesitation or reservation."

-Paul D. Wachholz

CEO, Fun Beverage, Inc.

Express Employment Professionals

Kalispell, MOntana


"I hired Dan the Phone Man to audit our telecommunications equipment and expenses. As promised, Dan and his team showed me several options for cost reduction.

Dan was able to identify several mistakes on our phone bills and when the dust settled, our costs decreased by over 50%. Solutions were implemented with no business disruptions. In fact, Dan was also able to reprogram some of our older phone equipment and help us extend its lifespan.

In short, Dan the Phone Man made it easy for us to reduce our telecommunications costs. We highly recommend businesses and organizations explores Dan's services. His team is as good as he says. There were no upfront costs. There was no risk. We now have more money in our budget and a trusted business partner that puts our interests and needs first while solving technological and telecom issues."

-Jordan Nelson

Office Manager, Express Employment Professionals